Studies Prove Group Meditation Lowers Crime, Suicides And Deaths

Meditation Truly Benefits The World

At The Mindful News, we’ve long practiced meditation and known of the personal benefits it brings.   We then read the following article and discovered that the benefits of meditation reach far beyond the individual.   We were literally amazed to find out that over 50 studies have been done on the power of meditation to create peace for those who practice it and beyond….

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By Steven Bancarz

…When large numbers of people get together and meditate at the same time, it has an energetic ripple effect on the consciousness of the surrounding people.  People who aren’t even meditating are impacted by the effects of the meditators. Let’s look at some of the scientific studies that prove this to be the case….

In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” took place when a group of 7000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in hopes of positively effecting the surrounding city. They were able to literally transform the collective energy of the city which reduced global crime rates, violence, and casualties during the times of their meditation by an average of 16%.

…A specific study published in Psychology, Crime & Law found that crime rate dropped by 13% in Merseyside, Great Britain during time when people were meditating in large groups, whereas a control city where people where not meditating in large group-meditation-2groups saw a steady crime rate.

Almost 50 studies have been done further confirming the benefits of global meditation and it’s direct impact on everything in the world, with another study being published in Social Indicators Research which showed an overall violent crime rate drop by 15% when 4000 participants participated in group meditation. We know meditation has endless health and psychological benefits, but it is now being explored by politics and sociology because of its undeniable impact on the behaviour of other people.

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